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Maybe they could have made them a little heartier, and only sent one! FSC did bundle a wireless manager E2C , a backup app FSC Backup and a custom menu app FSC SpeedMenu. There were 9 maps supplied with device, covering 37 European countries. I personally think a flap might be a better way to go; but not serious criticism of the LOOX. FSC thoughtfully included a spare stylus in the box. When Windows Mobile 2003 SE came out with VGA I thought it was time to take another look at PPC. There is no flip cover on the LOOX, so I had already determined I would have it in a case with a screen cover. Work is being done to port to Pocket Loox 720. The popular VGA PPC units hit just a little off-target for me, though. When I finally got my hands on the big outer box, I found that Expansys had shipped a small plug adapter already, free-of-charge. Vito-Remote is available at the software store, but it is probably not best-in-breed although it officially supports both the LOOX IR and VGA resolution. Release Date: March, 2006 71x116x14mm, 168g, Microsoft Windows Mobile 5. The iPAQ HX4700 and Toshiba e805 were a bit big, but with ok battery life. A port of Android 2. I promptly ordered one of the bulletproof screen protectors from Brando who carry several accessories for the LOOX. The Pocket LOOX 720 is a VGA PPC that shares features with the other VGA units — dual expansion, dual wireless, relatively ample memory. The selection at the store, is less than stellar. The SD slot is spring-loaded and the CF slug or a card is held in by friction. I am concerned that it might not survive any heavy action-game activity. PERFORMANCE: The LOOX runs Windows Mobile 2003SE at a very usable speed. Heck, those crazy FSC engineers even wedged a 1. You can also without commenting. The backlight is even and fine details are adequately distinct. Right side The bottom holds the reset hole, a microphone hole, and the cradle connector.

The top holds the slugs for CF and SD card slots, the stereo headphone jack, and the IR port.

Although the LOOX boasts a Consumer IR transceiver, it ships with no remote-control software. If only I could draw my guns! While waiting for it to arrive, I was beside myself with anticipation. It was slow, had terrible battery life, and very limited onboard memory — but the display was a real head-turner at the time. ClieTG-50 next to LOOX, max brightness CAMERA: The 1. PERFORMANCE: The LOOX runs Windows Mobile 2003SE at a very usable speed. Hardware Specs Processor: Intel PXA272 520 MHz Operating System: Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Second Edition Memory: 64 MB Strata Flash 28 MB useable as Looxstore and 128 MB SDRAM Display: 3. One can easily sync using just the cable itself. The folks at Expansys had some initial trouble with the international order and my cc, but were helpful in resolving it right away, and my order was shipped the same day. My measurements put the screen at only 3. However, it does this while being on a par with the little guys for size, and packing a whopping 1600mAh battery to go toe to toe with the big guys for battery life.

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More Fujitsu-Siemens devices: Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX N500 Specs Datasheet Views: 48419 views since addition of datasheet October 01, 2005 Datasheet State: Final specifications Release Date: November, 2005 Dimensions: 71 x 116 x 14 millimetres Mass: 160 grams battery included Software Environment Embedded Operating System: Microprocessor, Chipset CPU Clock: 312 MHz CPU: Memory, Storage capacity RAM capacity: 64 MiB accessible: 50.

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